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☆ no more updates here, moved to new one :) ★
moved to blurry_chika :]
Hi there~! Remember me yet...? XD;

If you do, please read this entry! I will try to make it short^^;

First of all, I wanted to apologize, I haven't been writing here and commenting your journals for over 2 years ...that's so long, I know!!! ;___; I really do want to APOLOGIZE for that. I mean, I didn't even call it a hiatus, just stopped writing, I also was bad at replying to e-mails. What can I say, it just somehow turned that way, for some reason I couldn't bring myself to update here for really long time, also was busy w/ work and there were some other issues, too ...And before I realized it, I wasn't updating at all...

So, I think it won't be a surprise when I call this journal dead, ne? I think I should have done so waaay earlier~

I'm gonna start a new journal! Lately I've been really missing writing entries and chatting w/ ppl online, so I think it's a nice idea, especially that I got some e-mails and it doesn't seems that everyone have forgotten me already (thank you! I'm really happy to know that <3)

I won't delete this acount, I'll just write in my userinfo that it's dead^^;

I'll post a link to my new account later :]

and one more thing I need to mention, if you were here *only* for some JE downloads, pics and such, I think there's no point in adding my new journal, I'm not into it as I used to be, and even tho I sometimes happen to watch/listen something JE related, I don't think I'm gonna write about them alot, so yeah~ sorry abt that.

hope to hear from you soon! ;__;

anyways, I'll stop here, it was supposed to be a short entry (I know it's not! LOL) and I wanna sleeeep~ XDD

my new journal :blurry_chika *^^*

~Lumiya <3

Current Mood: sleepy sleepy
Current Music: Matenrou Opera

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